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Our Lapidary Club Has Much To Offer!

Our Lapidary Club Has Much To Offer!

Our Lapidary Club Has Much To Offer!Our Lapidary Club Has Much To Offer!

Beginning Lapidary


Beginning Lapidary

This is a 6 weeks course. We will be covering how to cut, shape and polish several shapes in various materials. 

  1. How to choose a slab, apply a template for a shape, taking it to the trim saw and cutting it out.  
  2. The steps to shaping and polishing a cabochon – the first 3 weeks will cover round, oval, teardrop  
  3. The 2nd 3 weeks will cover Triangles, squares, hard corners 
  4. How to clean up the machines after each use and shop clean up procedures 
  5. Use of Safety Equipment – safety glasses, dust mask, gloves 
  6. Proper use of both trim saws 
  7. Theory of hardness in the slabs, how to choose a slab and avoid fractures, Mohs scale 

Cost for the first 3 weeks session is $80 prepaid – which includes your Lapidary 1 Kit and a commitment of 6 weeks to complete both sections. 

The kit for the first 3 weeks will contain 3 preforms in various materials for the shapes you will be working on, an Apron, Safety Goggles, ear plugs & Beginning Cabochon Hand out

Cost of the 2nd session is $50 Prepaid which includes your slabs for the cabs you will be creating.

At the end of both sections you will receive a certificate of completion of Lapidary 

Completion of Lapidary 1 is mandatory to be able to enter an Open Shop day. 

Your Membership card will be updated to reflect the certificate  

Requirements – Close Toed Shoes, long hair pulled back in a ponytail, and bring a towel or two for drying stones to look for scratches and bring a notebook for taking notes and bring your membership card to every class.  It is highly suggested you purchase an Opti-Visor


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