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Our Lapidary Club Has Much To Offer!

Our Lapidary Club Has Much To Offer!

Our Lapidary Club Has Much To Offer!Our Lapidary Club Has Much To Offer!




Must have lapidary one and a signed members card reflecting that you have taken lapidary one or have compleated the requirements for a signed card. This is an open shop class 


Welcome to open Lapidary Shop!

We have a few New revised procedures and Rules for lapidary. We have new insurance regulations we must comply with. We ask for everyone’s cooperation as we settle in to a new year. 

As always – Close Toed Shoes, Long Hair up out of the way, Safety Glasses, Ear Plugs if you want and it is suggested you used some sort of face mask/ respirator.

Please Sign In First – print your name so it is readable, put your payment in the payment envelope – either exact change or a check. We do not have the ability to make change. Then sign in on the machine you will be using. 

In order to set our members up for Success, we are going to implement a 3 cab maximum for each session in the Lapidary shop. This allows you enough time to get a cab finished up and not spend excess time on the same wheels.

There will be No Corundum (Ruby) or stones with a Mohs hardness of 9 or higher. It is too hard on our wheels. Quartz is a 7 and that is pretty hard to work. 

To give our Lapidary Wheels a longer life and lessen the number of wheels and replacement wheels due to damage the following Protocols are being put into place to assist with this.

When followed, these tried and true methods make creating a cab easier and time efficient.

The first thing is to “Know Your Stone” - Mohs hardness, porous stone as opposed to an agate type finish and how you are going to go about working & polishing the finished cab. If in doubt, ask or google the stone you have and the info can be gathered to make an assessment on how to work the stone.

Our machines are not for polishing an entire rough stone. That would be accomplished with a hand sander or larger tumbler.

Begin by taking your slab/Small stone to the trim saw. There is a box/rating scale for the size of stone that can be cut on the 7” Trim saw. Anything larger, please see Dave Rodgers and he will get your rock on the Slab Saw Schedule to be slabbed into usable sizes. Once you have cut out your Pre Form you are ready to start cabbing.

Once you have smoothed out the edges of the shape you have chosen, dry and then you can take the sharpie and put a bezel line

To give the wheels a longer life, rough that is not preformed will not be allowed to be shaped and polished

We will be providing towels as always, but it is suggested that you bring your own towels to insure you have enough dry towels to work your stones. Drying several times while working your stones lets you inspect and find scratches before you move onto the next wheel.

Drying the stone & inspecting for scratches before moving onto the next wheel extends wheel life. 

At the end of each class session, the shop needs to be swept out, floor mopped and your machine cleaned and drain trays washed out and  trim saws wiped down. 

Our Shop Monitors are here to help you continue learning and answer your questions.  

We have emptied out the small lockers out where the aprons hang. These are for our members to use for personal items while they are in the shop. Items & locks must be removed after each session, so they are available for members in the next class/session.

We do have a few Aprons available for purchase. They are $8 ea.  Ask a Staff member to get one for you.

Shop rates increase to $5/ hr on Feb 1. This helps to offset the cost of new wheels, saw blades and regular maintenance of our equipment.

If you are wanting something Large slabbed, see Dave Rodgers and he will add your name to the Slab list.  


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