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Our Lapidary Club Has Much To Offer!

Our Lapidary Club Has Much To Offer!

Our Lapidary Club Has Much To Offer!Our Lapidary Club Has Much To Offer!

Lost Wax Casting / Beginners


Lost Wax Casting Beginning Class



This is a very basic introductory class into the process of lost wax casting. While basic, it will give you the opportunity to see and understand the process and provide you with the knowledge to further your skills in more advanced classes.

Time  : By Appointment

Cost: $50.00 This includes one half  ounce of Argentium Silver casting grain, wax patterns and other material, tools, and equipment needed to complete the project.  This to be paid at the first session.

Instructor: Dave Miedena

Instruction: The class will instruct each student on the process of Lost Wax Casting. Students will learn the theory behind the process, spruing the pattern in preparation for investing, investing the pattern, burnout of the wax, and actual casting of the pattern. Students in this class will choose from a variety of premade wax patterns and will be able to choose up to two patterns. After casting, students will be instructed on how to finish their cast pieces. 

First session will have students going through the investment stage of their projects. The second session will be the burnout of the wax, actual casting of the piece and final finish.

This class will be a prerequisite for future casting classes and workshops.

To reinforce and further your knowledge and skills, other classes and workshops will be offered on making your own wax pattern, making molds to create wax patterns, casting with organics, and others. 

Class is for current members only and limited to 4 students.


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