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Our Lapidary Club Has Much To Offer!

Our Lapidary Club Has Much To Offer!

Our Lapidary Club Has Much To Offer!Our Lapidary Club Has Much To Offer!

Letter From The TBMSC President


Meet the Executive Committee

Hello! My name is Ken Moser and I am the President of the Tampa Bay Mineral and Science Club for 2020. It is my honor to be a part of the Leadership of the club. The Executive committee of the club is comprised of 4 officers of the club; President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, and six elected Directors.

The Executive Committee of the club handles all club business relating to assets, club participation, classes, and everyday operation of the club. While a member for a short amount of time, it is impressive to witness the effort put forth by this group of members to ensure that the TBMSC continues to be the best organization in West Central Florida. They work tirelessly to maintain a club where members want to spend time and to brainstorm added enhancements for the future of the club. 

The President and Vice-President positions are elected annually and the remaining positions, while also elected, serve two-year terms. These six positions are split on who is elected to maintain a continuity with the committee. The Secretary is elected on alternating years with the Treasurer and three of the board members are elected on alternating years with the other board members. Election of members for the open positions starts in September with the formation of a Nominating Committee which works to create a slate of members for the various positions and terminates with the election of the positions by members vote at the Christmas event. 

Board members act as a conduit between the membership and the Executive Committee. It is very important that they solicit information and suggestions from members and bring them up at the monthly Executive Committee meeting. These monthly meeting are open to all membership to attend. 

The success of the club and the success of the Executive Committee rests with the members of the club. It is by members wanting to be part of the leadership, stepping up when support is needed, and being mentally and physically invested in the club that makes the club stronger with a bright future.

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Elected Officers and board members Of The TBMSC


Ken Moser: President 

Jerri Heer: Vice-President

Heidi Arnold: Treasurer 

Gerri Lundergen: Secretary 

Board Members

Melinda Riddle

Roxann Dragula

Brian Brantley

Jack Kramer 

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