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Wire Weaving


Wire Weaving

Welcome to wire weaving,

All classes will be Thursday 11Am to 2PM for 2019 at this time. Because we will be holding classes during the lunch hour you are welcome to bring lunch with you or all of you can bring things that you can share. Note: Finger food like Cheetos or potato chips are not recommended when working with wire. 

All wire used in this class will be dead soft copper. Base wire used the most will be 20ga and 18ga dead soft and your weave wire will be 28ga. We might need other sizes as we work on each project. I will have wire that can be purchased at cost, but I would recommend you get 28ga dead soft wrap wire if you can, because you will use that wire for just about all projects. As our projects move along we can look at what wire will be needed for each project. At some point, we will decide as a group what project we might want to do in sterling silver. If you don’t have these tools and things, don’t be worried. We will have some things that you can purchase at cost and others we might have for you to use in the class. At some point, you will want to have your own tools and things. There is no need to purchase expensive tools unless you are a professional jewelry maker or planning to make jewelry for sale.


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